IBM Japan Health Insurance Association

IBM Japan Health Insurance Association

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Introduction to HIA

List of the health insurance system

About the IBM Japan Health Insurance Association

Describes the health insurance system and the health insurance societies that run it

  • Name
  • Business overview
  • Member establishments
  • Health Insurance Association finances
  • Committee members


Describes who can be insured under the health insurance system

  • Access map
  • Traffic guidance

About health insurance

Describes the health insurance card you receive when you join health insurance programs

  • “Health insurance” provides readiness for unforeseen circumstances
  • “The health insurance societies” that provide health insurance

The Association's insurance premiums

Describes matters such as the conditions required to insure family members and applicable income standards

  • Method of calculating insurance premiums
  • The Society's insurance premium rates
  • Points at which standard remuneration is determined
  • Types of insurance premiums