Family membership

Dependent certification procedures apply for any changes involving dependents—for example, when a family member is added as a dependent due to marriage, birth, or cohabitation with one or more parents, or when a family member is removed as a dependent due to employment, death, or living in different residences.
Persons aged 75 or older who join the Medical Care System for the Advanced Elderly are not eligible to be dependents under the Health Insurance Association.
Certification as a dependent requires that the person in question meet certain criteria for family relationship and income.

Adding a family member

Submit the Dependent (Change) Notice with the required documents.
See the List of Required Documents attached.

List A for persons less than 18 years of age or less than 25 years of age and attending school during the day List
List B for persons to whom List A does not apply List
Required documents
Dependent Status Notice
Deadline Within five days of the date of change in dependents
Applies to Changes in dependents
Submit to Please check here.

Documents to attach for dependents who qualify for exceptions to the domestic residency requirement even though they do not have addresses in Japan

Reasons for exception Certifying documentation
1 Student studying abroad Copy of visa, student ID, certificate of school attendance, certificate of school admission
2 Family member accompanying an insured person posted abroad Copy of visa, written appointment overseas, certificate of residence issued by a foreign public agency, etc.
3 Person traveling abroad temporarily for sightseeing, recreation, volunteer activities, or other reasons unrelated to employment Copy of visa, certificate of agency dispatched for volunteer activities, certificate of consent to participate in volunteer activities
4 Person recognized as equivalent to 2 above due to family relationship to an insured person arising while the insured person is posted abroad Copy of documentation certifying birth, marriage, etc.
5 In addition to 1-4 above, person recognized to have a livelihood based in Japan in consideration of purposes of traveling abroad and other circumstances Subject to determination on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Health Insurance Association.

Note: If documents were prepared in a foreign language, please attach a Japanese translation signed by the translator.

Removing a family member

Required documents
Health insurance card (for dependent to be removed)
Elderly Benefits Card, Certificate of Application of Maximum Copayment Amount (if issued)
Deadline Within five days of the date of change in dependent(s)
Applies to

Insured persons with dependents to whom any of the following applies:

  • Those no longer eligible as dependents due to change in employment status, start of residence separate from the insured, death, or other reasons
  • Those no longer meeting the conditions for certification as dependents due to increased income
  • Those no longer dependent on remittance of funds from the insured person for a living
Submit to Please check here.