If you take time off from work for childbirth

“A Maternity Allowance” is paid if a female insured person is unable to receive her salary due to time taken off from work for childbirth.

If you cannot receive pay during time off from work for childbirth

Required documents
Deadline As soon as possible
Submit to Please check here.
Notes Fill in 2 certifications below on the application form.
  • Certification of childbirth from your doctor
  • Certification from your employer about your maternity leave and whether you are being paid remuneration during this leave

If you take maternity leave, childcare leave, or other similar leave

If you take childcare leave, your employer can apply to exempt you from paying insurance premiums during the leave period up to the child's third birthday.
Employers can also apply on behalf of their employees for exemption from insurance premiums during the periods of maternity leave and paternity leave (newborn care leave).
Your employer will apply for this exemption; check with the person in charge at your establishment for more information.

  • * The period of childcare leave refers to the period you take off work for childcare leave or other similar leave that conforms to the system of childcare leave up to the child's third birthday.
  • * Period of maternity leave: Period during which you did not work due to pregnancy or childbirth, within the period starting 42 days before birth (98 days for multiple births) and ending 56 days after birth
  • * Paternity leave (newborn care leave): A system under which eligible persons may take leave for up to four weeks during the eight-week period after the birth of a child.