Change of address

If your address has changed due to relocation or other reasons, simply write the changes necessary to update the address in the address space on the back of your health insurance card.

Then, please submit the following notice after completion.

Change of address

Required documents

Adress Change Notice

Sample completed form

Deadline At the earliest possible date
Applies to Submit an Address Change Notice to the Health Insurance Association in the following cases:
  • One or more dependents relocate with the insured person.
  • Only a dependent's address changes.
  • Voluntarily and Continuously Insured Persons and Special-Case Retired Insured Persons and Dependent.
Submit to Please check here.
Notes If a dependent will be living separately from the insured person, a proof of remittance for the next three months must be submitted to verify that the dependent relies on funds from the insured person for a living.