IBM Japan Health Insurance Association

IBM Japan Health Insurance Association

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Apply to the Health Insurance Association if the name of the insured person or a dependent changes or if you wish to add a new family member as a dependent due to marriage.

Change of name

Required documents
Health insurance card (for applicable insured person or dependent)
Deadline Within five days of change in first or last name
Applies to Insured persons or dependents whose names have changed
Send to

Persons working in the IBM Group

Persons in charge of social insurance at place of work (To MK-DA0-K for IBM workers)

Retired persons

  • In-house mail:
    HZD-YY1, IBM Japan Health Insurance Association
  • IBM Japan Health Insurance Association (HZD-YY1)
    19-21 Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8510

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Adding your spouse as a dependent

Adding a spouse as a dependent requires certification by the IBM Japan Health Insurance Association.
Certification of a dependent requires various documents to confirm the status of the person to be certified.

Adding a family member